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Knowledge Magazine Issue 102 is out – and KONGKAST is in it

Kmag issue 102 - September 102

More than 2 years and 66 episodes after Kongkretebass has aired the first episode from Hong Kong, KONGKAST proudly soldiers on and continues to bring springfresh sounds from the world of drum & bass to thousands of listeners every week!

With a great passion, KONGKAST creator & host DJ Wash scrambles through records, dubs and promos every week and hooks up with the scene’s artists to compile a new podcast. For spreading the music we love (it’s drum & bass, baby!) and its good variety in styles to the far corners of the World.

But is it always just about drum & bass? Well, tune in and find out!

KONGKAST (made in HK) is podcast of the issue this September in KMAG (made in the UK).
And we like it!

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read more about KONGKAST in KMAG #102

In HK (try to) pick up a copy of KMAG at Dymocks. Or subscribe online: