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Electronic Mistress aka Elemiz

KONGKRETEBASS goes Shanghai! Sub-Culture presents: Mala (Digital Mystikz) + DJ Wash & Electronic Mistress @ The Shelter – 27th Sept 2008

Shanghai headz roll out… Kongkretebass goes Shanghai – once again. Sat, 27th September
– Sub Culture ft. MALA @ The Shelter. See you there!

Saturday 27th September – Sub-Culture feat. Mala (Digital Mystikz)

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Comment from chris braiden
Time: 24 September 2008, 9:04 pm

man, this would have been awesome to go to! great to find out dubstep scene is continually growing,

Me and a mate are gonna be travelling out in china for the whole of october

hk from the 2nd till the 9th
beijing from 15th till the 21st
shanghai from the 23rd till the 31st

heard goldie is in shanghai when we are there which we will most defo check out, but anyone know of any other good nights in the dubstep or drum n bass scene to check?

all help and advice appreciated.

cheers and hope it goes well on the 27th! mala will mince it.