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Electronic Mistress aka Elemiz

KONGKRETEBASS SUPPORTS: HK LIVE – Sat, 7th March 2009 @ Fringe Club, HK

Kongkretebass has been invited by Hong Kong’s live band promoter “HK Live!” to open the special Electronica showcase this March.

Headlining the show will be 4-piece band DRIP from Manila. After more than 5 years on the scene, DRIP is today seen as one of Manila’s more important alternative electronica outfits, making waves throughout SEAsia with their trip/hop and dnb infused live performances, album releases and even MTV music videos… Supporting the March showcase will be two energetic drum & bass loving local live bands.

Read on for event details and Electronic Mistress‘s blog entry of her first encounter with DRIP.


HK LIVE! @ Fringe Club, Hong Kong
SATURDAY, 7th March 2009

with DRIP (Manila), Synthetic (IN)Semination & Violent Jokes
+ DJ Set (9-10.30pm): by Kongkretebass

Advance Ticket: HK$100 (from Fringe Club) / On The Day: HK$150
More information:

Thanks to PAE & Solos for sponsoring gear for our set!


Everybody’s Talking But No One’s Listening*

taken from Electronic Mistress AND blog entry (Thursday, Aug 14, 2008)

“So a few days ago, one lazy Sunday afternoon on the home couch, I happened to flick channels on TV and stopped at the Asian MTV.

For what is rare on commercial music channels, the current music video featured a drum & bass clip. The track was called ‘Fallen’, by Manila-based band DRIP. I loved both – the track as well as the vid – for clearly being handmade with heart and soul. And I immediately hit myspace to find this band! And this is what I found out:

In early 2008, the 4-piece DRIP released their 2nd album “Identity Theft”, which is also available under Creative Commons license to other artists for remixing & sampling (?). After more than 5 years on the scene, Drip is today seen as one of Manila’s more important alternative electronica outfits, making waves throughout SEAsia with their live performances.

Fallen – Drip’s music video to the 2nd single release from ‘Identity Theft’ was launched in May 2008 and recently started airing on MTV (lucky me!). The video itself was a mad hand-drawn animation, which (as my instant research later revealed) has taken director/animator Juan Alcazaren two years to complete!

My appreciation goes out to all people who have a passion to create and perform. And admiration to those artists who manage to make a living with their niche productions…

If I somehow could manage to gather enough support to stage another live drum & bass band in HK, believe me I would! Drip have certainly been added high on the list. (any proposals?)

Check out MTV, maybe you’re lucky enough to catch ‘Fallen’. But for now, let me just share this clip (‘Morning After’ – the first single release from the album ‘Identity Theft’) and more info about my Sunday find, below 🙂


More about the lovely dnb/triphop outfit Drip:

* “Everybody’s Talking But No One’s Listening” is a Drip quote from their myspace page (as well as one of their songs)”


Comment from kkblog
Time: 19 February 2009, 3:39 pm

Looking forward to meeting Drip in Hong Kong 🙂

Comment from ian magbanua
Time: 20 February 2009, 1:30 pm

hello kongkretebass. i’m big fan of your podcast and drum n bass in general 🙂

thanks for the kind words, and we’re happy you like what you’ve heard 🙂

see you guys on the 7th of March.

big ups,

ian “morse” magbanua

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