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Electronic Mistress aka Elemiz

[Bangkok/ Thailand] KONGKRETEBASS @ DUBWAY Session 7 – Event Photos

DUBWAY SESSIONS 7 (Bangkok/ TH) – feat. DJ Wash and Electronic Mistress (Kongkrete Bass)

Yes Yes, here are some photos of our recent gig in Bangkok. DJ Dragon and his crew had invited us over on 30th May 2009 to play alongside the local dubsteppers @ Dubway Sessions 7.
Many thanks to Dubway’s head honcho Dragon (Homebass Communications, Dubway/ Th) for having us at this awesome party and being such a wonderful host.

On the night, The Sound Elements DJs and Jo Stich also rolled out some of the best in Breaks and Garage/Two Step/Drum and Bass, as did MC Sinamon – it was a real treat playing along side such a rockin’ MC… BOOOH!

For more information on Dubway Session in Bangkok and a review of the night, do head over to Dragon’s Blog.
Plenty of good parties going on with Dubway Sessions.

We hope to see you again soon Dubway!


A couple of videos from the night, below. (Thanks for these, Dragon!)

Electronic Mistress @ Dubway Sessions 7

DJ Wash @ Dubway Sessions 7