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“There’s some real good things happening (in Asia) at the moment.”

(BBC Radio 1 – DJ Fabio interview /w Kongkretebass DJ Wash)

via iTunes

“The challenge is to find new sound in an old world. Very nice, a little bit deeper going [and] organic. More ore in the mix.” (noisezz/ rating: 5 star)

“This is by far one of the coolest podcasts on iTunes. Too bad I am the first one to write a review, since Kongkretebass have been giving away their mixes for a while now. Well, let me get to the point in saying that these guys are the bomb, their mixes amazing. Plug into this podcast and enjoy the best Drum & Bass.” (DJ Rapture/ rating: 5 star)

“Wicked set very deep and dark sorted tunes live it best yet” (Ripitupriley dj uk/ rating: 5 star)

“That DJ Wash mix for EXBC radio made me get on iTunes and check your podcasts out. I gotta say you guys are definitely bringing it. Quality!! Big Ups!” (Deinfamous/ rating: 5 star)

“This is the BEST D&B podcast I have found on iTunes. That’s it. Stop looking.” (Mme Boulard/ rating: 5 star)

“You must check out this podcast. It is by far the best one out there!” (doinkyTHEcup/ rating: 5 star)

, forums, facebook & email

“Hey, been listening to your podcast for a while now, and just thought to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoy it. As a fellow podcaster, your shows are really well done. Cheers.” (Tony /

“This set is outstanding. I was listening at work and could barely focus. It was like a hot chick with large hewters was leaning over my desk for an hour. Respect.” (E. on Kongkast#72 ft Martsman)

“Loving the podcasts, thanks and keep up the good work. Glad I tuned in and subscribed, now im hooked! ” (Andrew on facebook)

“I’m a big fan of the podcast and the choons you’re constantly pumping out.  I’m a big big drum n bass fan and can only hope to elevate the local scene to the levels you’ve achieved within the region. Cheers!” (Ian “morse” / Drip, Manila)

“Dear KongKast can’t believe you have been gone through over the last few years. I remember my first listen starts from Kongkast 17 (which now I’m listening to) when I was still in the UK. Excellent DNB in HK!!! Rock on!” (吴晓颖, China)

“Yeah, this mix was made for the dancefloor all the way. Would have been nice if my office headphones were some huge bassbins and there was a bar in the room.” (Ravi/ Expansion Broadcast Comments: Link Here)

“I just wanted to say thank you for your kick ass podcast. I’m a listener from Florida, USA and I think you guys have the best drum and bass podcast on the internet.” (Trevor Aiello/ Florida, USA on facebook)


“Man, for a while now (since I know this podcast for about a month of 5), I listen to them all! The podcast is always very good imho, sometimes with well known guests, sometimes with less known overhere.
But this one with Aquatic Labs is certainly one of my favourites!” (Tomre, Dubstepforum – Link Here)

“LOVE kongkast, been on it since the martsman one, BIG!!! DJ Wash did a wicked dubstep mix a few weeks back, are there any more planned soon??? I got a lot of time for that geezer’s mixes, the D&B ones are up with the best in the business…”. (Colak, Dubstepforum – Link Here)