Bass cultivation in Hong Kong – since 2006

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Electronic Mistress aka Elemiz


Kongkretebass [HK based Drum and Bass/ Dubstep promoter]
Heavy [HK, Drum and Bass/ Reggae/ Dub promoter]
Void Sound [Sydney/Australia, Dubstep promoter]
HomeBass [Bangkok, Drum and Bass/ Dub promoter]
Loops Collective [Malaysia, Drum and Bass promoter]
Magnetic Soul [HK, Drum and Bass & House Promoter]
JazzBah Records [Bangkok, Drum and Bass promoter]
Yaak Party [Bangkok, Dnb promoter]
Phreaktion [Shanghai, Drum and Bass Promoter]
Subculture [Shanghai, Dubstep promoter]
Uprooted Sunshine [Shanghai, Reggae/ Dub Sound System]
The Syndicate [Beijing, Drum and Bass Promoter]
Javabass [Indonesia, Drum and Bass Sound System]
BassBog [Drum & Bass Mixes]