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New Drum&Bass mix: Kongkast # 213 – feat. EASTCOLORS (Critical Music, Samirai Music, Hospital, / Russia)

Yes! And we are back after the Christmas and New Year break!
Hope everyone have had a wonderful time with their family and love ones!

Starting off our 2014 series of KONGKAST, we are delighted to bring you one of the rising stars from the Russian Drum & Bass scene – EASTCOLORS (Critical Music, Samirai Music, Hospital,  / Russia)

Having heard wonderful things from our connection in Beijing – The Legacy DnB Beijing, we quickly approached EastColors for an exclusive mix, and boy, we are not disappointed!
Check out this rolling mix of Drum&Bass including loads of EastColors tunes as well as other remixes.

Many thanks to Andrey / EastColors for this rolling mix!

Kongkretebass wishes everyone a prosperous start to 2014! 

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KONGKAST #213 – feat. EASTCOLORS (Critical Music, Samirai Music, Hospital, / Russia)

(artist – title)

1. Lomax – Come And See
2. Response – One Nation
3. EastColors – Could Be
4. Flame and Displaced Paranormals – Isolation
5. Distant Future – Changes
6. EastColors – Toys
7. Vicious Circle and Nocturnal – Operation Index
8. EastColors – Dreamer
9. EastColors – The Light (Beastie Respond Remix)
10. EastColors – Heavy Tone
11. Subwave – Indigo
12. State Of Mind – Space Surfer
13. Homemade Weapons – Delorean
14. EastColors – Murderer (Audio and Meth Remix)
15. Audio – Planet Fall
16. Maztek – Slinky
17. June Muller and Nymfo – Misfits
18. Mindscape – Ratpack
19. Break – Re Tech
20. Enei, EastColors and Noel – Cracker (Jubei Remix)
21. Friction and K-Tee – Overtime
22. Fierce and Break – Red Line
23. EastColors – Fire
24. EastColors and Detail – Chords
25. Kolectiv – Slow

More info about EASTCOLORS:


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