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Kongkast #73 – ft. CHAMPAGNE (Helsinki, Finland)

This week on Kongkretebass Kongkast, a special soulful and rolling selection from a pioneering producer in the Finland dnb scene – Champagne (Vibez Rec, Nu Urban Music, Pivotal Entertainment, Looking Good Records, Blindside Recordings and Midnight Sun Recordings).

Let the soul, bass and warm rhythm flow through your body from head to dancing toe…

Many thanks to Christian for putting together this selection for KONGKAST – Hong Kong’s dnb podcast!

Download KONGKAST for free via iTunes or directly from here on our website.

Track listing and more about CHAMPAGNE below…


KONGKAST #73 – ft. CHAMPAGNE (Vibe’z Recordings, Nu Urban Music, Pivotal Entertainment, Good Looking Records, Blindiside Recordings, Midnight Sun Recordings/ Finland) – exclusive studio mix

1. Rolling Thunder – Champagne
2. Dance of the fireflies – Champagne
3. Ripples | Revisited – Champagne
4. 74th street mash – Champagne
5. Before we surface – Champagne
6. Tudo azul – Champagne
7. Spacetime continuum – Champagne
8. Rickshaw – Champagne vs.Kaleb
9. Life support – Champagne
10. Smiles’n’cries – Champagne vs.Qumulus
11. Slip away – Champagne vs.Subject 13
12. Maestro – Champagne (Tango rmx)


Champagne aka Christian Champagne, 34, originally from Vancouver, Canada now residing in Helsinki, Finland working in Advertising. Having grown up around the globe: Canada, Singapore, UK and Africa. Christian has been producing drum ‘n’ bass since 1995. With releases under his belt on such labels as Vibe’z Recordings, Nu Urban Music, Pivotal Entertainment, Looking Good Records, Blindside Recordings and Midnight Sun Recordings. Deep, funky, melodic grooves are in store! After about a 3 year hiatus from music production while pursuing visual interests Christian has returned to writing beats once again. Formerly from Midnight Sun Recordings, Christian has set out on his own new venture with Bubbling Under Music. Expect some fresh material from him very soon!




Comment from kkblog
Time: 4 December 2008, 1:14 pm

lovely bubbly soul smothering sounds… cheers!

Comment from Mistabubbly
Time: 4 December 2008, 2:46 pm

Big up big up y’all at KK…respect!