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News from the Kongkrete Studio: “Feel you” by Chacha ft. Olivia (RYC Dubstep Edit)

Shanghai meets Hong Kong… Check out the latest remix project by Kongkretebass’ RYC (aka DJ Wash) for Shanghai based MC/Singer/Producer ChaCha.

RYC and ChaCha first met in 2008 through various performances for the Sub-Culture and Uprooted Sunshine crews in Shanghai. Chacha – who has recently featured on a release for Kode9 on the Hyberdub label – impresses with her vocal abilities as a singer/MC as well in her own music productions.

Having a chance to do a remix of one of ChaCha’s own production, RYC snapped up the idea of “Feel you” and worked his remix magic turning the track into a moody, emotion-filled dubstep roller.

RYC (DJ Wash) Dubstep Edit of “Feel You” by ChaCha (Uprooted Sunshine/Shanghai, China) featuring vocals by Olivia.

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