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New Bass Music mix: Kongkast # 177 – feat. BASSLIEBE CREW (Cologne, Germany)

This week on Kongkast, we partnered up with one of the top party promoter based in Cologne, Germany for this special Show Case mix – BASSLIEBE CREW (Cologne, Germany). This mix is in fact Six mini mixes Showcasing all SIX of the BASSLIEBE crew DJs, includes loads of their own productions as well as some classics in the mix.

Founded in 2010, The BASSLIEBE Crew’s original DJs / Producers includes DYNA, FR33M4N, POCOLOCO and MACOBOY, then later joined by BRIAN BRAINSTORM and Germany’s most valued Dubstep Producer BUKEZ FINEZT.
This collective of DJs and Producers have hosted a long string of parties in their home town of Cologne, as well as the creation of their Digital Label – BASSLIEBE RECORDS, which covers all genre of Bass Music from  Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Fidget House to Moombahton.

On September 14 – 16, BASSLIEBE  and ACUPUNCTURE RECORDS (CHINA) will presents the Cube XII eMusicFestival in Cologne – 15 Chinese, including Kongkretebass’ DJ Wash and Shanghai’s very own DJ Siesta, and German electronic music artists will come together  on this platform for the exchange of electronic music scenes in both countries.

If you are in the area, click on the links / flyers below for more information.

Many thanks to each of the BASSLIEBE Crew members for taking time out to give us this Showcase mix on Kongkast! 

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KONGKAST #177 – feat. BASSLIEBE CREW [Show Case Mixes] (Cologne, Germany)

(title – artist – label)


Core ‐ The King [DUB]
BadKlaat – Iron Eyes [DUB]
J:Kenzo ‐ Constant [Dub Police]
Requake ‐ Pessimism [DUB]
Vodex and Requake – Cycloid [DUB]
Lost ‐ Yip Yip Yip [H.E.N.C.H.]
Standard Procedure ‐ Nuclear Bomb [forthcoming Bassliebe]


Bukez Finezt and Deskem – Mental Torture [DUB]
Tramper – Pirates [DUB]
Deskem – Metal Daze VIP [DUB]
Bukez Finezt – Bubblin VIP [DUB]
Ill K – Deranged Robot [DUB]
Bukez Finezt – Rumpin [DUB]
Subfiltronik and D-Jahsta – Override [DUB]
Badklaat – Original Sauce (Megalodon Remix [DUB]
Bukez Finezt – Duck Trumpet VIP [DUB]


Mensah ft. Eddie K – Steady As She Goes [H.E.N.C.H]
Requake and Badklaat – Dubble Trubble [FREE]
Temo and Apollo – Kicks [FREE]
 Deskem – Metal Daze [forthcoming Bassliebe]
Ponicz – Turn Up The Bass [Styx]


Trolley Snatcha – You 4 Ria Feat. Subscape
Kill The Noise – Jokes On You (Kill The Noise Remix)
Eptic – Slime City
Getter – Wizard Flex
Artem Zlobin – Impulse
Dark Elixir – Monster Truc
Addergebroed – My Culture (Remix)
Fr33m4n – Needle On The Record (VIP)


DJ SS – The Lighter (Bladerunner 2012 Remix) [Formation Rec.]
Rebel MC and Top Cat – Champion DJ (Serial Killaz Remix) [Congo Natty]
Run Tingz Cru ft. Solo Banton and Lady Fyah – Took My Breath [forthcoming Run Tingz]
B.I.A and Ricky Tuff – Longtime [DUB]


Brian Brainstorm – Guilty As Charged (HS Edit) [Bassliebe]
Brian Brainstorm – Step The Fuck Back [Bassliebe]
Brian Brainstorm and Dan Killz – Turn It Up [Free DL]
Tito and Tarantula – Machete Main Title Theme (Brian Brainstorm Bootleg)
Brian Brainstorm – Raver’s Choice (VIP) [Bassliebe]
Brian Brainstorm – Grand Opening [Bassliebe]
Brian Brainstorm – Animalz [DUB]
Soulpride and Rascal Emcee – Rodeo (Brian Brainstorm Remix) [DUB]

More info about BASSLIEBE:

The BASSLIEBE Crew was founded early 2010 by the four bassloving friends DYNA, FR33M4N, POCOLOCO and MACOBOY.
One year later the Team was joined by BRIAN BRAINSTORM and Germany’s most valued Dubstep Producer BUKEZ FINEZT.
As a collective of DJs, producer, engineers and promoter they put up high quality Bassmusic Events all over their hometown Cologne.
The digital record label BASSLIEBE RECORDS covers different styles of bassmusic like Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Fidget House or Moombahton and lists up 28 releases until present day.


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