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New Bass mix: Kongkast # 215 – feat. THING (Dubthing, Depthwise Music, Blu Mar Ten, 31 Records / Estonia)

This week, we have a mix from THING, a producer from Estonia , little city called Tartu .
The label owner of ”Dubthing Records” & ”Depthwise Music ”, Thing is a all round producer with quality releases on his own label as well as Blu Mar Ten as well as Doc Scott’s 31 records .

Many thanks to Thing for this rolling mix!

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KONGKAST #215 – feat. THING (Dubthing, Depthwise Music, Blu Mar Ten, 31 Records / Estonia)

(artist – title)

1.Jaydrop – Return
2.Apostroph – Strecher
3.Thing – Echoes
4.Hazed and Reskript – Inhuman Power
5.Hyroglifics – Withdraw
6.Kid Drama – One 6 Eight
7.Survey – Delirium
8.Jaydrop – Frame Scope
9.Ruffhouse – The Foot
10.Skeptical – Another World
11.Thing – Future Roots
12.Amit – Erazer
13.Clarity – Off The Cuff
14.Flatliners – Bad Operate
15.Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Om Unit Remix)
16.Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Om Unit Remix)

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