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New Drum & Bass mix: Kongkast # 202 – feat. DETAIL (C.I.A., Dispatch, Utopia Music, Symmetry / Ukraine)

Having heard his releases from earlier in the year, DETAIL (C.I.A., Dispatch, Utopia Music, Symmetry / Ukraine), have been making waves in the Drum & Bass scene, with releases on some of the most successful labels currently.

With music supported by some of the big names including Noisia, The Upbeats, Break and Klute, Detail is busy with forthcoming releases on: Critical & Horizons and more.

Many many thanks to Detail for taking the time and giving us this exclusive mix!

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Kongkast # 202 – feat. DETAIL (C.I.A., Dispatch, Utopia Music, Symmetry / Ukraine)

(artist – title)

1.Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru (G.Vump Remix)
2.Kamikaze Space Programme – Radio
3.Nas – The Don (Tom Wrecks Remix)
4.Kamikaze Space Programme – Clapper
5.Icicle – Minimal Dub Funk
6.Lomax – Artisan Vip
7.EastColors – Creeper
8.Spectrasoul – Absentis
9.Mortem – Uprising
10.Mefjus and Bowsar ft. Maksim – Primal Instinct
11.Spinline – Alien
12.Subtension – Back To The Roots
13.EastColors, Traffic and Noel ft. Messy MC – Dreams
14.Mako – Hungry For Lies
15.Abstract Elements – Saturn
16.Detail – Outrage
17.Andyskopes – True Human Emotion
18.Need for mirrors – Voltaire
19.Mefjus and M-Force feat. Maksim – Struggle And Pain VIP
20.Detail and Against – Choked
21.Need For Mirrors – Warning
22.Current Value – Command
23.Abstract Elements – Neocube
24.HustleHard Flava – The Difficulties Of Choice

More info about DETAIL:

Detail is 21 year old Danil Marin from Kiev, Ukraine.
Initially Influenced by Technical Itch, Detail has carved out a niche for himself and stepped up his production skills to create world class dnb with dance floor production power.
With releases already on C.I.A., Dispatch, Utopia Music, Symmetry and support from Noisia, The Upbeats, Break and Klute and forthcoming releases on: Critical & Horizons – Detail is definitely a brand new talent soon to be on everyone’s lips.